Every year a group of the world's elite designers and technologists take to the shores of Brighton Beach to meld their minds into one creative energy - known as FLASH ON THE BEACH.. Each year one artist is commissioned to create the title sequence for the conference - and munkowitz humbly accepted the invitation to create something spectacular for the 2011 event...

A breakdown can be found here:

FOTB Titles Credit list

Director: Bradley G Munkowitz
Executive Producer: Matt Winkel
Director of Photography: Kevin Gosselin
Assistant Director: Lloyd DeSouza
Assistant Creative Director: Nick Losq
Choreographer: Kitty McNamee ( kittymcnamee.com )
Assistant Choreographer: Hunter Hamilton
Dance Principal Male: Zak Ryan Schlegel
Dance Reaper: Mecca Vazie Andrews
Dance Gazelle 1: Reshma Gajjar
Dance Gazelle 2: Tara Avise
Dance Fireball: Denna Thomsen
Wardrobe/Costume: Mindy Le Brock
Wardrobe/Costume: Diana Contreras
Makeup: Heiddis Ros Reynisdotti
Makeup: Janna Velasquez
Hair: Sean James

Visual Production: BLACK SWAN (blackswan.tv)
Executive Producer: Matt Winkel
Producer: Lloyd DeSouza
Creative Director: Nick Losq
Design Director: Bradley G Munkowitz
VFX Supervisor: Chris Clyne
Typography Designer: Brian Gossett
Editor: Bradley G Munkowitz
Music / Sound Design: Keith Ruggiero (soundsred.com)
Lead Animation: Bradley G Munkowitz
Colorist / Finishing: Bradley G Munkowitz
Process Photography: Nick Losq, Brandon Guthrie

Live Action Production: Rabbit Content (rabbitcontent.com)
CEO/Executive Producer: Douglas Howell
Executive Producer: Joby Barnhart
Chief Financial Officer: Eric Filler

Lighting Production: Embrace The Void (embraceitdesign.com)
Lighting Lead: Kyle Ruebsmaen
Lighting Lead: Michael Fullman
Master Stripper: Chris Clyne
Lead Ball Assembler: Nick Losq
MC Butt Clamper: Matt Winkel
Master Scissor Lift Operator: Lloyd DeSouza
Lead Balls Leveler: Bradley G Munkowitz
King Crimp: Kevin Gosselin

CAMERA: Kevin Gosselin Camera (kevingosselin.com)
STAGE: Ben Kitay Studios
LENSES/EASY RIG: Indie Rentals
CAMERA ACC: Sammy's Camera

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