When I asked Bryan Free what he wanted to do for his non-music related interview, he said, "How about I show you how to make a mai tai?"

A cooking show produced by a bunch of rock and roll photographers and a musician. What could go wrong?

The answer is: everything. Once it became clear that the final product was not going to be worthy of even public access TV, we stopped being serious about it and decided to have a good time. Let the chips fall where they may.

Hope you enjoy our ridiculous train wreck of a cooking show!

This video is part of the video portion of a Kickstarter project called Every Song is a Love Song: everysongisalovesong.com/

Director: inger klekacz
Cameras: inger klekacz, Jason Quigley, Ro Tam
Sound recording: Alex Lewis
Theme song: Nick Jaina

Learn more about Bryan Free at: bryanfree.com/

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