First off all I need to apologise for the bad quality of most of the used footage.
I had to downlaod it from youtube since I didn't find another source.
You should also have in mind that the footage is 10 years old and therefore not that great (:

I made this video because 10 years are gone since the horrible attacks on the Twin Towers in New York happened.
I used to be a small kid and didn't actually understand what I saw when I watched the TV with my parents.
All I remember is them screaming over and over again "Oh my god! They are jumpign out of the windows!".
After I finished a school work with 9/11 as its topic I finally understood how terrible this day must've been for all the people who witnessed it.

This video should remind us all of what happened and hope that something like that never ever happends again even when you also need to bear in mind that thousands of people die every day.



Blue Men Group - Exhibit 13
Clouds Cover Colors - Centz

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