I feel miraculous towards this machine. I don’t really understand medical and science as I rather believe in result. If I see the effect, alright then…
My sister-in-law, mother, wife and myself are using the machine. The situation has improved and I feel happy about it.My sister-in-law is one of the examples. It was because of my sister-in-law’s case which increased our confidence level. He was diagnosed last stage of cancer. Doctor couldn’t help, and he mentioned it’s just a matter of time.
We didn’t expect that this machine could save him, just gave him a try. He was suffering from chemotherapy.
He couldn’t eat and drink. He was able to drink only half cup of water a day. It was with such difficulty to drink sip by sip yet only half a cup a day.
He didn’t eat. Once ate, vomited, ate, and vomited. It was the side effect of chemotherapy. He was admitted to hospital after enduring with such situation for a couple of days. After discharged from the hospital, still he couldn’t eat.
He tried the machine. He was the first one who tried it. Since the machine required a cup of water to be located in the middle, we told him that it was necessary to finish it. Hence, he reluctantly drank it.
We split many hours, sip by sip only he could finish a cup of water. It is definitely insufficient to drink a cup of water a day.
In addition, he doesn’t consume much food. Even compelling him to eat porridge but for most two scoops.
It had been a week that he didn’t go to the toilet to excrete because he didn’t consume food.
After the second day of treatment, my sister told me that he ate two pieces of vegetable, one, two scoops of rice and managed to finish the water which placed on the machine though it wasn’t finished in one gulp. His appetite seemed to improve.
The third day, my sister told me that he could finish half bowl of porridge, finished the cup of water and that afternoon, he could drink the second cup of water, and the next cup… In addition, he went to toilet.
In the morning of fifth day treatment, my sister rang me up and shared that her husband could eat two half-boiled eggs, two slices of kaya toasted bread and a cup of milk tea at the restaurant outside.
Five days ago, he couldn’t eat and drink. After using the machine, it is ok. Approximately 8-10 days of machine treatment, I paid a visit and brought some food for him. He had good appetite, two scoops of Chao Kuey Teow, two scoops of chicken rice, two scoops of noodles soup. He wanted to try every food.
He looks healthy and importantly he is now much comfortable and has appetite. Very obvious that he is good and able to drive and look for his friend to have a chat. Before this, he could only lie down without energy, suffering. This is an evident example.
As for my mother, she has Parkinson but at a minor stage. She has been using the machine lately. The obvious improvement is her memory power, though not very much on her reflection.
In terms of memory power is -- you tell her now, but before the noon, she couldn’t remember it.
However now, say Wednesday or Thursday, informing her that this Saturday, Sunday will accompany you for Dim Sum. Early Saturday, she will call and ask: ‘Are we going for Dim Sum, what time? Should I dress up?” I replied: ‘You remember oh?’
‘Your daughter didn’t finish after a few scoop of rice.’ I was thinking: ’She could really remember, especially in terms of memory power.
My mum is in her 70’s. When she goes to the wet market, her friends ask her surprisingly: ‘You look young lately? Have you gone for face treatment? Do you still go for treatment?’ Although my mum’s hair is white, she has nice complexion.
Sometimes she goes for a walk, her friend said: ‘You look different, you seem to look young.’ There is such effect.
I have been using for 3,4 months. It isn’t a long duration because every family member uses it. Sometimes, you don’t even get the chance to use it.
Once or twice a week averagely, My mum, wife, sister and myself are using it now. In between, my brother-in-law who stayed beside me borrowed for two days.
Lately, I realized my health condition was deteriorating. Sometimes, when it reached 12am, I had to hit the sack. Especially at our age, we can’t have shortage of sleeping hours. Early in the morning 5 or 6am, I have to wake up to fetch my children to school, work till late at night or I couldn’t bare the tiredness in the morning,
After lunch time, I felt dizzy and couldn’t face the computer.
Now after lunch time, I manage to bear till 3pm, not even feeling tired. This is an obvious change. I look much energetic now.
Importantly, some people commented that I slim down slightly, nice appearance. Then only I realize that it helps in this area too.
Sometimes at the back of the body, luckily not on the face, there were these whiteheads and also acne. It wasn’t very serious but having those whiteheads and blackheads.
Sometimes, I had it on my face and nose. From the back till the butt as well Regarding to this, it has improvement and I believe it is related to detoxification. Once the toxin is excreted, there would be obvious improvement.
My back is smooth, even when my wife feels good when she touches it.
Overall, I have a healthy skin. In addition, I have good sleep, maintaining 5,6 hours a day. I feel that I can bear the day. I think it is important to have a clear mind and thinking.
As a conclusion, I think that every household needs this machine. Maybe some people may think that this is quite expensive. But if you look at the number of family members, everyone benefited from it, I think it is worth it when you compare the price and the effectiveness.
The price is high but when you compare with the value it is fine. To the extent that the aunty staying beside my house came to borrow the machine, I said: ‘Can, so long your return to me today.’ Well, this is still secondary, importantly is to regain your health.

我姐夫、我妈及我太太和我自己都在用,情况都有改善,我觉得这一点是很开心的。其中一个例子就是我姐夫,我们全家人都是因为看到我姐夫的个案而很有信心,因为我姐夫患癌末期,医生说没救了,只是迟早的问题,我们也没想到这仪器会否救回他的命,只是尝试让他使用,因为他做了电疗化疗回来很辛苦、人很辛苦。他的情况就是吃不下,连水也喝不了,一天只能喝半杯水,而且是勉强一点一点地喝,一整天就只是半杯水。完全没吃东西,一吃了就呕、吃了就呕,是做电疗后的一种反应,那他连续几天这样就不行了,需要入院吊点滴,出院后依然吃不 下。后来就让他尝试,其实仪器一拿回家第一个就让他做,由于仪器中间需要放一瓶水,那我们就告诉他必须把这水喝完,他也勉强地逼他自己喝。一整天分很多个小时慢慢地喝啊喝才喝完一杯水。你想想一个人一整天只喝一杯水是很不行的,但还是吃不下东西,强逼喂他吃粥,他只是勉强地吃了两口就睡觉了。他已连续整个星期没上厕所了,因为根本没吃东西。第二天再继续做,当晚我姐就告诉我他有吃了两根菜,一两羹饭,放在仪器上的水终于喝完了,但依然是分段喝,胃口似乎比较好了。到了第三天,我姐跟我说他能吃半碗粥了,整杯水也喝完了,接着当天下午还可以喝第二杯水,是另外一杯水,而且还能上厕所。到了第五天早上,我姐打电话来说姐夫竟可以到外面茶餐室吃早餐,吃了两粒半生熟蛋,两片kaya 烘面包及一杯茶。由五天前完全吃不下东西,喝半杯水就呕出来,用后他就一直都ok。 大约八至十天后,我去看他,打包一些东西给他吃,他很有胃口地夹了两口炒果条、两羹鸡饭、两羹汤面,加起来也有一碟,他就每一样都想试吃。我看到他精神好,基本上最重要的是他舒服了很多、有胃口了。虽是他末期的人生,但至少他没那么痛苦,真得很明显,他舒服,还能够驾车出去找朋友聊天,之前他是完全只能躺在那里没力气、很辛苦,这是很明显的例子。我妈其实患柏金逊症,但情况暂时并不很严重,现在一直都有让她用仪器,最明显的改善是她的记忆力,反应方面就还没完全好,所谓的记忆就是你现在跟她说的东西还没到下午,在很短的时间内她就不记得了,但现在比如说星期三、四你告诉她说这个星期六,日陪你吃点心,她星期六一早就会打电话来:“是不是吃点心啊,几点呢?我需要换衣服吗?”就觉得说,她记得噢?!有时候回到家,因为我的孩子放学后先去妈妈家之后才回家,她可以向我报告说:“你儿子今天不懂在搞什么?你的女儿今天吃几口饭而已就不吃了。”我心想,她真的能记得,记忆方面比较好了。尤其是当我妈妈去到巴刹时,她今年70几岁了,朋友们都惊讶说,最近年轻了,有去做脸部疗程吗?你还有去做疗程吗?其实,我妈头发很白,但就是脸部开始很有光泽,偶尔逛街,朋友都会说你很不同了,好像年轻了,都会有这类的反应。我应该使用了3、4个月,其实时间不是很长,因为全家人都在争着使用,有时使用的机会未必很高。平均一个星期,一到两次左右,现在我妈妈用,我太太、我姐、我也用,有时隔壁的大嫂也过来借回家用两天。近几年开始发掘自己(精神)差了,有时晚上开车到了半夜12点,真的快睡著,尤其到了我们这年纪睡眠开始不再像年轻时,一早5、6点就要起身载孩子上学,接着工作到很夜,不然就是早上不能捱,捱到午餐回来后,就觉得天旋地转,对着电脑就开始觉得字花了,一定要找个地方躺着休息半到一小时左右,才可以开始继续工作。现在,吃了午餐回来,发觉捱到3点也不觉得睏,我觉得这情况有明显的改善,人也精神了,你现在看我,很精神了!最重要的是,有人告诉我说好像瘦了点,脸型也比较好看了,才发觉原来这方面是有帮助的。还有,有时背部,幸运的是脸上看不到,就是背部有些粉刺,有时也会生苍等,其实不很严重,就是从上半身一直到下半身,背部就好像有点点的粉刺、类似黑头等,有时脸部鼻子也有,从背部到臀部都会有一些。所以在这方面的问题有改善,我想可能是跟排毒有关,毒素排走了,就会有明显的改善。现在整个背部很滑了,太太摸到也觉得很舒服。我觉得皮肤整体上有改善了,还有睡眠也是,我依然维持5、6个小时的睡眠,但我觉得精神可以应付一整天的工作,思维较好、想东西会清晰点,这个很重要。总结来说,我觉得这仪器每个家庭都应有一部,可能有人觉得价钱贵了点,这要看有几位家庭成员,如果一部仪器全家人受惠,全家人一起使用的话,我觉得价钱与效果相比,就觉得值得。价钱高,但相比价值我就觉得还可以。有时,连隔壁家的大嫂也会过来抬回家使用,我都说可以,只要你今天给回我就好,最重要是这点。不过我觉得这事情是其次,是不是你可以找回你的健康,这才是重点。

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