No Exit is a short film about an inability to communicate.

In the story two women live in the same room. They are not able to hear each other's voices or remember things concerning each other.
The room is an index of the space, those internal or external things that bind people together. It also represents the internal boundaries that people create for themselves and can't escape from.

Cast: Anu Raipia, Heidi Lindén

Screenplay & Directed by Anastasia Lobkovski
Cinematography by Jaakko Slotte
Edited by Antti Hirsiaho
Sound Design by Rauli Roininen, Kyösti Kallio
3D Artist: Konstantin Lobkovskij
Costume Design by Tanja Lahti
Set Decoration, make-up by Maria Baranova
Lighting by Jussi Pennanen

Music Recorded and Mixed by Jukka Nurmela
Music by Antti Hirsiaho

Produced by: Anastasia Lobkovski 2008

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