Andy C headlines Temple of Boom, September 1st 2011. AudioPixel adds 3D audio reactive "radical" lighting.

With our largest rig to date, AudioPixel built a highly customized 3D LED installation for the Temple of Boom stage at Burning Man 2011. Located prominently at 10 and Esplanade, and with 350 kilowatts of sound (48 18"s), it was arguably one of the most impressive stages.

The installation was over 40 feet tall and started 20 feet off the ground, this meant that all servers and power supplies had to be mounted to the truss. This posed a huge technical challenge. Add in limited access to machinery, plenty of dust and wind, its easy to imagine why it was our most difficult project to date.

All programming and content made with AudioPixel proprietary software.

The installation ran 3 nights. sept 1st - sept 3rd.

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