On this episode of SkateFest, it was a busy day. We drove up to San Clemente to sk8te the public park along with stopping by Ryan Sheckler's skate facility. His cement vert wall is insane. It's pretty cool he let's kids sk8te there and I get to film. I respect Ryan Sheckler for that and his abilities. Then we hit up these parks down South. Cali has so many good cement parks in a fairly close vicinity. Neil Mims is a radical sk8teboarder, he did about 8 long tailsides at Sheckler's until he was completely satisfied and he boardslid the RP rail 1st try. Epic. Also enjoy the game of sk8te at the end with Zach and Matt Miller. It was a long battle. I don't skate as much as I used too, I surf alot, but after going on these day trips with stoked kids and sk8ting all these rad places with Neil and Dana, the fire is beginning to return I think. Riding a board is fun on all surfaces. Thank you for your time and enjoy. -K

All content Filmed & Edited by Kenny Luby.

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Tunes by The Needles.

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