[version2.0 - 03-23-10 upload]
This is a Zebbler Encanti Experience piece (Music by Encanti, Visuals by Zebbler)
Dub Fish is my attempt to create non-distracting audio reactive visuals for club a/v performances by Z.E.E. The idea is to keep kids dancing but also surrounded by neat bouncy eye candy :)
It was created using audio analysis in After Effects. Keyframes from audio amplitudes of various tracks in the audio (i.e. bass, drums, treble) were used to animate positions of my various animated characters and effects.
It was further refined/edited in Final Cut Pro. Other tools used: marker, paper, scanner, Illustrator, Motion.

The creature animations are from my upcoming music video for Mochipet's new track Robot Crunk Juice. There are a ton more of them... and they are going to battle in the funnest of ways.


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