'150' is an observational documentary which celebrates the care and craftsmanship that went into re-creating Britain's oldest working water-balanced cliff-lift, and returning it, with its restored companion, in time for Saltburn's 150th anniversary year.

Jan Cawood of Tin Man Films wanted '150' to convey the wonder of 19th century engineering while also focusing in on human skills. There's some use of modern tools and machinery, but traditional tools and techniques do most of the work -- mallet, clamps, wedges, sand-paper and, above all, human hand and effort, lifting, tapping, stirring paint, sanding and, for the other vital ingredient, holding mugs of coffee.

Stanegate Restorations of Haltwhistle carried out the work, led by Ian Yates, who also narrates the film. Scenes of his team are intercut with shots of the December sea-front, snow-covered rails waiting for their carriages to come back, and the expanse of beach, crossed by a few strollers and dogs.

Built in 1884 the cliff lifts carry over 120,000 passengers a year to the last remaining pleasure pier in the North-East of England.

Find out more about the making of the film and it's companion piece '55 Seconds', which captures a day in the life of the lift from the passengers point of view, by visiting our blog and photo gallery at jancawood.wordpress.com/

Find out more about Ian Yates and his team via


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