The «pavillon des métamorphoses » is an installation by Electronic Shadow where glass turning into a smart
material, becomes the main character of stories of the future...
The «Pavillon des Métamorphoses» is a 16m² enclosure of Privalite walls (Saint Gobain), which can
become fully transparent. These walls become media. They transform the image of the Pavilion into a
fusion between matter and light, fully synchronized. The space is in perpetual metamorphosis, suspended
in time and space. The Pavilion is hence the receptacle of a multitude of possibilities and
combinations. Similarly to the Library of Babel, these parallel realities construct an infi nite architecture;
the pavilion being one entry door, moving from one reality to another, from one moment
to another. As visitors enter into a world of glass and dream -reality and illusion¬¬- the refl ections
expand this potential infi nity in physical space. The installation is interactive, it responds to visitors’
movements as they navigate this memory architecture. A white square in the center of the space is
the gateway to multiple translations. Once the pavilion senses the presence of a visitor, it carries him
to a different set, like a parallel universe. Each space has its own confi guration; the pavilion changes
constantly, transforming physical space into media and information.
The goal is to control matter the same way we can control programs or images, turning our physical
environment into a totally fl exible and programmable perceptible reality.

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