This is a music video I made for the song "Space Sickness" by the band Secret Mustache. I play guitar in the band and wrote the music for the song. The drummer Mike Farley wrote the lyrics and guitarist Ginette Gotta sang them. On bass was Bill Gotta, with extra guitars and vocals from the Time Traveler.
I made this using the programs Microsoft Paint and Windows Movie Maker. It took three and a half days to complete, about 24 hours labor in all, and contains 527 frames. I had the storyboard in my head for some time and after drawing the first frame, although dauntingly time consuming, I knew I had to complete it. It became one of those projects you never want to stop working on, so I didn't. Three and a half days and many cigarettes later the finishing touches were complete, and we shared it with our friends and families. Now I wish to share the fun with all of you (it plays best with HD off). So sit back, strap in, and get well soon!

Secret Mustache

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