Initially this project, which was all shot in Oregon, started out as an experiment and ended up turning into a full-length documentary. Since I had no experience with making a documentary, most of my time in the beginning went into educating myself on the editing process for such a project. As for footage, my approach was to capture as much as possible, which I did (14 hours to tape). Once the footage was captured, I proceeded to cut every piece of dialogue into a sub clip, which was a month long process resulting in over 1,000 sub clips! I spent the following month starring at all the footage.

This on and off approach continued through out the making of the documentary and finally lead to a first draft, which was viewed by Flatiron's owners. With their approval and several more drafts I finally salvaged something and came up with the following 33 minutes.

Lessons I learned from this experience:

1. Do not procrastinate! If you do it becomes bigger than what it really is.

2. Never stand on the side of the road where the car turns and kicks rocks up on you. I damaged my lens with this stupid mistake

3. Only edit in separate sequences than you won't easily get overwhelmed

4. Make sure you have complete buy-in from your wife

5. Focus primarily on the dialogue at first and make sure you have a story! You almost need to cut with your eyes closed and make sure it makes sense if you just listen with your ears.....everything else is icing on the cake.

Film Credits:

Producer/Director/Camera/Editor - Brian Scaglia / |

Stage footage - 321 Go Video
Crash footage - Michael W. Schmeling and Ryan Gubele
Participants: See ending credits in film

Equipment used:

Camera: Sony Z1U w/ wide adapter
Sound: SennheiserME-66
Light: 2x Softboxes
Editing: Macbook Pro, FCP 6, Magic Bullet, Elgato turbo.264

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