Ashlee and Jack got married on her family farm this past weekend. Their wedding was a childhood dream for Ashlee. Her father pleaded with her to have her wedding anywhere else (according to her mom). Her father tried to scare her by the amount of work it would take to turn their massive horse stadium into a perfect wedding venue. All of the cleaning and the hassles and the smells. But Ashlee wanted to get married in a place that was home.

It was also a huge amount of pressure on us as Jack is a well-connected assistant director and has worked on dozens of major motion pictures. It's one thing to to film a wedding - but to film a wedding of an individual who tells Michael Douglas or Cameron Diaz where to be and when - well - let's just say the pressure was on to impress :)

This was a first for us. Ashlee wanted to have her video played at the same time she and her new groom had their first dance. At first - I was opposed to the idea. For us as filmmakers - one of the biggest rewards we get is the opportunity to show our couple their Same Day Edit with them sitting front and centre. In this scenario - Ashlee and Jack would be dancing with each other and probably missing half of the film. I also thought guests would throw things at me for playing the edit while the dance was going on (that didn't end up happening!)

After a bit of resistance on my end, we decided to go ahead with it. Their first song was Lover Lay Down by The Dave Matthews Band. It's not a typical Honey & Dear song choice - but it works. The end result was very special and we loved it. The guests gathered round the dance floor and took everything in and it was perfect.

It was an incredible effort down to the last minute to get this wedding ready. A big thank you to Stephanie Gareri from Do This Do That (and her assistant Elisa).

Also - congratulations to the Brnjas family whose horse won first place in a Stakes race about an hour before the ceremony!

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