Todays Video at Voss Extreme Sports Week up in Norway is a great way for all the people involved to see what been on show during that day. Because everyone can't see every event it gives you a sneak peak at the best action from around the events. I was stoked to be able to work with the Kayak team and shoot and Edit the Kayaking videos. This one is from Wednesday and covers a bunch of kayaking round the Voss area. There is no competition for kayaking on the Wednesday so this is a bunch of freeride footage! Wednesday video stars Mike Abbott, Josh Neilson, Julian Stocker, Logan Grayling, Anton Immler, Benji Hjort and Eirik Øvreeide.

Filmed by Josh Neilson, Anton Immler and Logan Grayling.
Edited by Josh Neilson
Music - Call your girlfriend - Feed Me Remix

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