I like this photo in many ways because first it brings back childhood memories from when I would always think about dinosaurs all day every day. I would sometimes pretend I was one running around eating animals and steeling eggs. In the photo I am pretending to be eaten by a prehistoric lizard called megalania prisca and a terror bird or (phorusrhacos). When I got to the Melbourne museum I was really happy because it was about my third time there. The megalania actually made me feel like they were living and they were just having a really long sleep.
When I saw the dinosaurs I studied them and would not stop it. When I was that age I would build cities out of wood and raid them with dinosaurs and that’s how obsessed I was to dinosaurs. Until I was eight I loved dinosaurs but after I just lost interest in them and afterwards I became obsessed with animals. Another memory is that when I was young my dad would sing to me a song that I really liked “Has anyone seen my dinosaur?”. My dad always played it when I was sad or angry.
My dad had a gig at Melbourne and the whole family went and after we went to the museum for my birthday present. When I was that old the museum was alot differrent because they had more exibits and they were more atractive. I would scream when i’m aloud to go to the melbourne museum because of how unlikly it was to get a chance of going there.

By Patrick Howard

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