Hiking up Piliwale Ridge and down Lulumahu Ridge on Oahu, Hawaii on September 10th, 2011. The route consists of starting on the Maunawili Demo Trail, ascending Piliwale Ridge, topping out at Konahuanui (elev. 3,150 ft., the highest mountain peak on the Ko'olau mountain range), descending Lulumahu Ridge, rinsing off at Lulumahu Falls, and ending at the eastern end of Nu'uanu Pali Drive. Total hiking time: ~9 hrs.

A previous attempt to ascend Piliwale Ridge in October 2009 ended with a trip to the emergency room after Kaleo Lancaster, Matt McMullin, and Keoni Napoleon were swarmed by bees along the ridge. Since then, Piliwale Ridge has been completed numerous times by other groups, establishing a discernable path that is now littered with rope all the way to the top. Before Piliwale Ridge gained popularity, the windward route was very overgrown and was rarely ever climbed or descended. You can read about the incident by clicking on the following link: kaleolancaster.blogspot.com/2009/10/piliwale-ridge-october-11-2009.html

Lulumahu Ridge is a rarely (emphasis on rarely) used "trail" that descends to Nu'uanu Valley. The ridge is severely overgrown and surprisingly harbors a massive amount of native endemic plants only found on Oahu and nowhere else on the planet. DO NOT HIKE THIS RIDGE! Doing so will increase the odds of native plants being trampled on and killed. Many of the plants are on the endangered species list, with some select species ranging in numbers of only 160 individual plants around the island. Had we known this beforehand, we would have not hiked Lulumahu Ridge. We ask that you do the same.

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