The world’s leading antivirus solution embraces a bold new brand identity.

Brandient armed Bitdefender with a powerful, sharp weapon: the legendary symbol of the Dacian Dragon-Wolf. Half wolf, half serpent, this totemic creature guarded the Dacian people in their wars and has come to stand for invincible defense. The modern interpretation of the ancient symbol completes the brand promise with sleekness, making the brand highly relevant to digital society while clearly asserting its Romanian roots.

Rebranding by Brandient. 3D design and production by Brandient in collaboration with Golem Studio. Motion graphics and editing by Raster Point.

Brandient strategy team: Aneta Bogdan, Madalina Diaconescu. Brandient design team: Bogdan Dumitrache, Ciprian Badalan, Cristian "Kit" Paul, Cristian Petre, Eugen Erhan, Iancu Barbarasa.

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