This ground-breaking solution based educational video is targeted toward law enforcement agencies/officers, and highlights "best practices" of law enforcement polices, so that they may be freely shared with other agencies who may not have any written procedure policy or trainings concerning this sect of our population. Featuring officers of the law and other allies of our trans community.

In honor of those who were killed due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice, we are launching the FREE international video release of "Working Together to Protect Our Transgender Community" to kick off Transgender Awareness Week and honor Transgender Day of Remembrance (Nov. 20, 2011).

Brief background: Van Ness Recovery House, the sponsor of the video is one of the few transitional recovery homes in California that cater specifically to the LGBT community. Kathy Watt, the Executive Director, approached us, Sun & Moon Vision Productions (SMVP), to produce this video a few years ago, after hearing one too many stories of discrimination/abuse of her transgender residents.

We jumped on the project, only to hit barricade after barricade of red tape and politics. Long story short, with cooperation from officers of the law, agencies and other allies of our trans community we were able to document "best practices" of law enforcement policies. It is only because of the courage of these officers, members and allies of the LGBT community, to stand together and put themselves on the front line of advocacy and education (on-camera no less!) that we were able to break ground on this project.

As film crew, we found that we are just barely scratching the surface, as most law enforcement agencies do not have any policies specific to the transgender community, nor enforcement of regulation, or even want to talk about it for that matter. It is our hope that this video can be shared and utilized to start the dialogue and initiate action. As you know, it will take a team effort to get this resource out there. So whether you work to enforce the laws, change the laws, or perhaps even walk on the "wrong" side of the law, we invite you to partner with us in our humanitarian vision of justice and equality for ALL.

I suppose typical for a small non-profit film and documentary company, we have no budget for PR and marketing, so please please please help spread the word, forward this email, share on Facebook, and let us know what your feedback is after you watch the video :) THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Kathy & Becky Sangha
Sun & Moon Vision Productions

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