What happens when you combine the KINECT and it’s capabilities to see the human body and track it’s movement with the TAGTOOL, a device that allows for the creation and collaboration of projected art drawn and manipulated live? YORRECHO! Yorrecho is a synergy of new technology and ideas to create a completely unique interactive experience!


Simply put, YORRECHO creates reverberations of color and patterns from ones body. Think of a pebble thrown into still water, the ripples arise from where the rock landed. You are the rock landing and YORRECHO becomes the ripples. With the use of the TAGTOOL controller, colors can be changed, faded and made transparent. In addition YORRECHO can be used in a variety of other ways such as a meditation tool, concert visuals and just exploring motion of the human body.


I need help developing this project. I would like to use grant money or a potential kickstarter fund to pay for it's development. If you are interested or know someone that might be interested, let me know!


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