Title: Spaces of Solitude
Duration: 7 min 25 sec
Technique: HD Digital video
Format: 16:9
Colour: Col
Audio: stereo 2.0

Directed by: Valeria Cozzarini
Music by: Esther Alzate Romero and Juan Alzate Romero
Camera: Valeria Cozzarini and Eleonora Sarasin
Actors: Sara Giannini

Spaces of solitude refers to those moments of loneliness that each of us live when transiting in public spaces. The unconscious gestures of people in public spaces bring to the surface their intimate untold stories. Again and again, the body reveals the poetry of its own ambivalence, bridging inner feelings with the surface of the skin. The question of privacy and voyeurism is tackled in this short film through a theatre setting. A back projection in a dark room shows a collage of gestures and postures of people waiting in the street, at the train station, at the bus and tram stop, on escalators, edited to create a choreography. An actress repeats the displayed movements, as if in front of a mirror, directed by the unconscious body language of people in daily life. It opens a question on identity vs social roles, privacy vs voyeurism, transitiorieness vs the ability of our body to leave a trace, whether in the eyes of a camera or in the memory of somebody else.

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