The agency Live and Doritos Brazil created a screenplay contest for Facebook where every participant (with their friends collaboration) had to writhe a story and compete for a trip to Hollywood and get their script developed and produced by a an animation studio.
Live an Doritos trusted Plenty to develop the art and animation of the winning story. We had to tell how an 8 years old boy come up with the idea for a theater play where swordsmen armpits fight against Razors! Yes, that's exactly what you read!!

This way we undertook our first Character Animation's project. We adapted the original script, developed the aesthetic, characters, storyboard and general direction with complete freedom form the agency!

The project had a particularity, we only had 28 days from the day we received the winner script to the day we deliver a 2.30 minutes movie.

Plenty's team worked at full steam, with the help of some talented friends that join us for the challenge, to finish last minutes renders, almost blindly and very tired! But very happy and with the certainty that we can say not only "Mission accomplished", but also "Thank you!" to all the people involved in the project.


Directed by:

Art Director:
Pablo Alfieri

Animation Director:
Mariano Farias


Character Design:
Elda Broglio

Claudio Iriarte

3D Character Modeling:
Daniel Bel, Leandro Giorni, Ruben Stremiz & Matias Fernandez

3D Backgrounds Design & Modeling:
Andres Reisinger & Pablo Alfieri

3D Animation & Rigging:
Leandro Giorni, Ruben Stremiz & Daniel Bel

3D Lighting & Renderging:
Daniel Bel

3D Face Expresion Animation:
Hernán Estevez & Mariano Farias

3D Motiongraphics:|
Sebastian Curi & Mariano Farias

Montage & Edition:
Mariano Farias

Compositing & Postproduction:
Sebastian Curi, Mariano Farias & Pablo Alfieri

Bonus Scenes 3D Animation & Rigging:
Estudio Ronda

Inés Palmas


Pepsico Brazil



Creative Director:
Mauro Silva & Vinicius Facco

Karina Rehavia


Music and Sound SFX:
Juan Tortarolo

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