Second song in Horus' Daughter, a 27 minute video created by Light Hits.

Light Hits was conceived by high priestess of the Vulcan Order, Kelie Bowman, and mystical clairvoyant of the Glastonbury Tribe, Jessie Rose Vala, as a way to expand their creative process and integrate experiential ways to explore the themes they both investigate in their paintings and drawings. Influenced by the Egyptian Myth of Osiris and Isis, Horus’ Daughter is a modern magical re-telling through video and song.

Osiris and his sister wife Isis ruled over egypt. Set, Osiris' brother became jealous of Osiris' rule. Set crafted an illustrious coffin fit to only his brother. Osiris is tricked into laying in the coffin where Set entraps him, and buries him alive. Isis in mourning travels to find Osiris. She is successful in finding the coffin and hides it in a marsh where Set soon discovers it. Set infuriated, cuts Osiris' body into 14 pieces and scatters them up and down the great Nile river. Isis transforms herself into a Kite bird to search for her husband. She finds 13 of his parts, the fourteenth, his phallus was eaten by a fish. She unites the 13 pieces and then crafts the 14th, a golden phallus, for him. Isis encircles Osiris with her wings and sings to him until he rises again. Horus was conceived by the goddess Isis through the magic of the golden phallus.

Being simultaneously alive and dead, Osiris became the god and king of the afterlife.

In late Egyptian thought, the righteous dead were sometimes said to become the stars, and therefore the moon was seen as having a connection to Osiris, lord of the dead. As a death and resurrection legend, in which evil seeks to destroy a deity, consequently bringing darkness, it then developed an association with the lunar cycle, in which the moon appears to be destroyed by darkness, and is then brought back to life. Thus it later became said that Osiris had been killed by being dismembered into 13 parts, each part representing one of the 13 full moons seen each year (there are roughly 13 lunar months per year).

Horus grows up to avenge his father and marries Hathor the cow goddess. The video Horus' Daughter delves into the retelling of this ancient myth through the psychedelic adventure of Hathor and Horus' modern daughter. It is an exploration of the alchemical transformation of resurrection and rebirth of the soul and spirit.

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