The Human Equalizer [ T.H.E. 1.0 ] is an interactive audio-visual installation.
T.H.E.1.0 is about the ability to generate your own audio experience. A virtual point-cloud of musical data is constructed out of digital matter, combined with physical exercise.

You can visualise the installation, the field of interaction, as a multitude of buttons.

You are the musician by your x y z coordinates being T.H.E. buttons, potentiometers ,and the strings of your ”air-guitar”.

The essence of the installation is virtual point-cloud of information: integers, floats, music notes, tones, waves, vibrations and light. Your body is a variable of values which you can connect to ‘T.H.E.’ system.

[ T.H.E.1.0 was nominated for the YOUNG-BLOOD-AWARD-2011 and was exhibited at the GOGBOT festival 2011 ]

An installation by Bram Snijders
Audio infrastructure by Tijs Ham

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