Written, directed and edited by Chiara Armentano
Photographed by David Diaz
Produced by Stefano Ciammaroni
Starring Mathia Vargas, Vance Clemente, Michelle Robinson, Jessica Perez-Frankhouse, Lana Suenaga Clemente, Tom Dworetzky, Malinda Rose Sass, Denique & Danae Bennett, Adison Eisenberg, Alexander Zlokevitz
Gaffer Alberto Duron
Sound Designer Ilker Isikyakar
Casting Krystin Rohan

A young girl recently moved to New York City discovers to be pregnant. Her name is Dana. She is scared and lonely in that place and bad memories come in her mind, so that she is convinced not to keep the baby. But something happens, and her previous certainty suddenly fails, inexorably changing her life.

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