The is the final part of 5 probably the most important lessons on what it means to live under the reign of God by Dr Mark Love, Professor of Church and Missions at Rochester College. Mark spoke in June 2011 at the Moulmein Church camp on the theme "Living in God's Promised Future. In this session, Mark says :

"The promise of rest says your value is not in what you produce or consume. It says your value is found only through trust in God. The culmination of creation is not the work but enjoyment and rest. "

"The rhythm of life assumes trust in a living God who is busy while you sleeping preparing your day. You need space in your day hat can be devoted to God and your neighbour."

"Ultimately, the world does not depend on you but on the Creator. And rest comes to our souls when we live in that reality."

"Everything in my life is a cause for both my thankfulness and trust. It is all too easy to slip into this idea that my life is the product of my work, ingenuity and will."


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