Part 2 of the Arctic System Science Thermokarst Project / APECS Introduction to Changing Permafrost in the Arctic Landscape Online Course.

--- Gary Kofinas and Allison Woodword, University of Alaska

(We apologize for the rough sound quality - this is due to one of the presenters calling into the meeting from a remote Alaskan Village.)

This webinar series takes an interdisciplinary look at permafrost and thermokarst dynamics in Alaska’s North Slope. It is designed for an audience from a broad range of backgrounds including physical, biological, and social sciences in order to take a holistic look at changes in the terrestrial arctic system.

Topics covered include: an overview of permafrost and thermokarst, impacts of thawing permafrost on people, geomorphology, soils and microbes, and arctic vegetation, streams, and lakes.

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