Driftwood Pictures' first official Music Video was a passion project for all involved. A small crew of 3, and a relaxed shooting time frame on the beautiful island of Anguilla allowed us to take our time and make something unique and different.

Through the help of the people of Anguilla and the island's amazing scenery we were able to produce a video with great production value while on a very low budget.

The song refers to a fictional chief of the native Arawak people dying at the hands of a Spanish invasion, and how his spirit continues through the island to the present day. The video was one of the longest running music videos on MTV Tempo.

Shot on Sony Z1 HDV, one reflector, one Divalight and lots of Caribbean sun!

Producer: Yonathan Gal
Producer: Karsten Hansen
Director/DP/Editor: Trishul Thejasvi

Banx Music / Driftwood Pictures © 2006

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