A bunch of project I made since 3 years as digital designer at ISD-france ( design-valenciennes.com/ )

00:10 : Triangle Electro-Acoustique
Design : Thierry Fischer, Thomas Maincent, Gilles Villefayot, Patrick Obadia
Modeling, Texturing, Rendering, Animation : Thomas Nicodeme

00:25 : Legrand Celiane International : Made during my Internship at Exosma Studio
made with Thomas Boury

00:34 : Cabanon
Design : Thierry Fischer, Marine Demeyere, Thomas Vaubourgeix
Modeling, Texturing, Rendering, Animation : Thomas Nicodeme

00:47 : Inclosion Movie
Team : Thomas Nicodeme, Julien Lecocq, Pierre Kasperczyk
Animation, vfx : Thomas Nicodeme

01:03 : Big Ben
Design : Guillaume Triquenot, Charlotte Michalowski, Marc Tran, Quentin Catteau, Thomas Nicodeme
Modeling : Thomas Nicodeme, Quentin Catteau
Rendering, Animation : Thomas Nicodeme

01:08 : Internship personal project
Modeling, Texturing, Animation, Rendering : Thomas Nicodeme

Main Software used for modelisation : Autodesk Alias Studio tools
Main Software used for Texturing, Rendering, Animation : Maxon Cinema 4D
Main Software used for vfx : Adobe After effect

Sound By The Octopods ( reverbnation.com/theoctopods )- originaly for Quentin Carnaille ( quentincarnaille.com/ )

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