Screen capture of the live generated motion graphics I designed to work in conjunction with live performances using the X-Box Kinect. This video is of me dancing around in the lab to a track of songs I had cut for a VJ performance I did at Elevate: The Art Above Underground. The VJ performance revolved around the story of a man becoming more computer than human, starting out excited by the idea then saddened by his exclusion from humanity. The story/performance set is called "Motherboard" and I may post a live recording of it the next time I perform it.

The element of me is not gathered from a green screen key or luma key. It uses the depth image to know that I am a moving element.

Here is a short promo about the first art exhibition of my setup:

First Showing: Zygotsis - Marco/Micro Exhibition at Elevate Atlanta: The Art Above Underground.
Was invited to show at the International Digital Media and Arts Conference 2011, in Savannah Georgia.

Working to develop this technique further with for use at live music venues for the creation of performer based live motion graphics. Also working with a veteran Technical Director from Pixar to further develop the motion capture capabilities of the Kinect for reduced cost feature film motion/performance capture implementation.

Track Listing:

They Will Die (Nasus Dubstep)
Pink Floyd - Welcome to the Machine (Soul Controller Dubstep Remix)
Moonlight Sonata [Remix]
Pink Floyd - Time (Pretty Lights Remix)
Pretty Lights: "I Know The Truth"

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