Holography artist Ikuo Nakamura stayed on Easter Island for 5 weeks and captured unique island's scenes and festival. Simple 3D images you see here are completely different from his previous holography artworks.

3D versions are available in Apple iTune store.
3D-Hololab Easter Island hololab.com/iapp.php

* This 2D left eye version trailer was extracted from Easter Island 3D moving images.

3D moving images include the famous giant stone statues "Moai" on the most isolated island on earth and the annual festival "Tapati."
Timelapse 3D movies of Moai at sunset, sunrise, under the Milky Way are the must to see.

2 x Canon7D 100mm / 10-22mm / 24-55mm
2 x SONY Nex5 w/18mm ( for handheld )

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