This is the first official trailer for Black Mask, a film noir that was made with the purpose of having the viewers fly back to the Golden Age.

Jimmy McNamara is an ex-writer and ex-WW II veteran turned accountant who receives a call from Vivian, his ex-fiancé and current night club singer. Vivian got a Hollywood contract and is taking Jimmy with her. All he has to do is retrieve the negatives of compromising pictures that a gossip columnist is about to publish and that put her future career in danger. But his mission might not be as simple as it seems.

Black Mask can show that noir isn’t dead, or rather, that it shouldn’t be. Yes, there are neo-noirs, techno-noirs, sci-fi noirs (anybody remember Blade Runner?) among so many others and the truth is that most of them are grandioso and timeless pieces of cinema. However, the true iconic noir from the ‘40s and ‘50s is long gone and possesses essential characteristics that seem to be forgotten. It’s precisely those features that make the genre (or sub-genre) so iconic and unforgettable. And it’s precisely those features that Black Mask tries to remind the audiences of.

Losing Black Mask to a shelf is losing a little bit of what movies are all about.

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