Enjoy another World. This is dedicated to all who have gone before us in whatever circumstances they were in. To all who live now. May we uni-phi in coherency for Peace. I was all alone with many dolphins albeit the zodiac driver who took me out (humbly in gratitude). Their environment operates at much higher vibrations and frequencies (using human language as best I can to describe the knowing beyond words).

This particular video is a snippet of many hours of raw footage filming wild dolphins in the Red Sea in Egypt in 2007. The experiences showed and taught me many things. How incredibly vast our perceptions of Life can be. How expansive we can venture outside of pre-concieved beliefs. To cross the borders of our mind in understanding that it is our beliefs that create reality.

I was spinning and playing with them so this is the rotating motion and movement you are seeing. Not easy to keep the camera still while playing! It's a feel thang' and takes alot of calm focussing in both worlds coordinating! I was adventuring in 'other worlds'! ahahhahahaha

Change your mind. Change the world. It is that easy.
As a snorkeler (even though I did get my diving license) I held my camera below my chin for I wished to view the experience from the lenses of my eyes as well as the camera. So, it was a 'feel' thing in obtaining the images you see.

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