Every city has a group of 'Reserves' in their skateboard scene. A 'Reserve' is a skater that does something else for a living but if they went on a filming trip, they would be just as productive as the sponsored kids along for the ride. Let me introduce you to two of 'the Reserves' I know in Berlin.

Sebi Vellrath:
Sebi is the hype man you always love to have on the session and one of the editors at Place Skateboard Magazine. Before he got his job at the mag, Sebi was always hustling his way around the city on video jobs and worked for both MTV Urban & TRL here in Germany. From TRL to RTL to switch back tail, Sebi is having a good time in what ever he does. Between the mag responsibilities & his family, he is grateful for every moment he can step on his board & you can see it in his skating.

Sakke Niskanen:
Sakke is from Helskini but has spent a lot of time here in Berlin over the last few years. He skates for a small Finnish company called Aste Skateboards and is also a musician. In the music world, he goes under the name 'Ameba the Moodman' (which is quite fitting knowing him). I think I have seen every mood while out filming with but Sakke always ends back up at happy when he lands his trick. It doesn't matter if it is skating, working on music, or dj'ing; Sakke is always making something creative happen and you can't knock his hustle.


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