The San Francisco Center for the Book and DODOcase collaborate for a limited edition case for the iPad2. Only 50 will be made.

The San Francisco Center for the Book fosters the joys of books and bookmaking: the history, artistry, continuing presence in our culture and their enduring importance as a medium of self-expression.

By purchasing this extremely limited edition DODOcase made by a dedicated team of professional bookbinders, you are supporting the continuation of the craft of fine bookbinding. You also get to find out, by holding one in your hands, what’s so great about a hand- crafted book.

Materials and Construction

Everything about the SFCB DODOcase is extremely special. The exterior cover is made from olive green vegetable tanned, natural dyed goat leather. This leather was purchased from Pergamena in New York, a family tanning business on its fifteenth generation! Pergamena leather is regarded as some of the most exquisite available for bookbinding.

Leather binding is one of the most complicated skills in the book binding profession to master. Our Master Bookbinder spent hours meticulously crafting these cases to the point of being pieces of art. The interior of the case is equally special. For the first time, we've used a heavy stock linen liner. This careful balance of materials and textures has created an iPad case that is both a joy to use and regard.

The exterior leather cover is adorned with a foil stamped SFCB crest emblazed with their logo and the words 'Eruditio Artis' and 'Teaching the Craft' to express the centers commitment to preserving the fine art of bookbinding.

Each SFCB comes with a limited edition DODOcase letterpress bookplate. The high end letterpress production process gives this unique bookplate a refined look unavailable in modern printing techniques.

As always, we use our Eco-friendly four-piece bamboo tray design that perfectly matches the curvature of your iPad 2 while providing access to all buttons and ports.

Limited Edition

The production of these cases was a labor of love for both DODOcase and the San Francisco Center for the Book. The team will only produce 50 of these amazing cases before the materials and design are retired.

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