A few months ago, Elisa contacted me about doing a promotional film for her photography business and I could not have been more excited! One of the biggest things I love about cinema is being able to tell stories and I always find it fascinating to hear why people love what they do and how they started. You also get that raw energy and emotion thats so hard to present through text. Elisa and Edward had a wonderful group of past clients and other vendors to help tell the story of her brand and her unique look (lots of film awesomeness).We shot most of the film at Pippin Hill Vineyards, which has the most amazing evening light ever and the absolutely perfect bridal suite with beautiful soft light (we shot the interview there). I really hope you enjoy her film below and be sure to check out her work!


While I do not usually put technical details in blog posts, I figured I would here as we are using some sweet new tools. The interview was filmed with the Sony FS100, which is our lovely new ceremony/interview camera, and Leica R primes. The Leica glass is completely amazing and razor sharp (the R mount is compatible with the 5D Mark II as well and is less expensive than M mount since its not made anymore). All the other sequences were filmed with the Canon 1D Mark IV, which we purchased earlier this year. Its better suited for video, has a very similar look to the Mark II, and just absolutely rocks. I use it almost exclusively with a Manfrotto monopod and the 24/35/50/135 set of Canon L Primes. All the tracking sequences were shot with a 5D Mark II and a 24mm 1.4 with the Cinevate Atlas 30 slider and a Steadicam Flyer LE. Everything was edited together in Final Cut Pro and graded in Color. My goal was to make it look as Fuji 400H as possible, so lots of greens and pinks.


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