These are two tracks (which run together) from the album 'Titanium Flag', by Colin Harper, which includes a suite of instrumental pieces inspired by two books on Arctic travel/history by Joanna Kavenna and Gavin Francis.

These are 'imagined' Great Auks - the species was last recorded on the Island of Eldey, off Iceland, in 1844. Errol Fuller - glimpsed amid the stuffed auks in the montage - has written several books on extinct birds, including volumes on the Great Auk and the Dodo. All are highly recommended.

Musicians on these tracks are: Colin Harper (guitars), Rachelle Stewart (clarinet), Alan McClure (violins), Cormac O'Kane (piano), Jim Cuthbertson (drums)

The album is available at

More info at

This is a 'showreel' to suggest how the music might be used with moving images, rather than the other way round! The music is available for licensing/sync use

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