A participatory video shot by people around the world who are uploading footage to dziga.perrybard.net to interpret Vertov's 1929 classic film Man With A Movie Camera.

Log onto dziga.perrybard.net where there is a list of SCENES. Click on any scene to see the shot list.Click see all uploads to see the uploads for each shot. Click upload to upload your interpretation. You can also participate by selecting SHOTS BY TAG.

Software developed for this project archives sequences and streams the submissions as a film.As the same shot can be uploaded more than once infinite versions of the film are possible. A new film is built daily and streams on the website. Click START to see today's version.

TO UPLOAD- ongoing

Concept/Director: Perry Bard
Software Development: John Weir
Sound Design: Steven Baun
Participants: See list at dziga.perrybard.net

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