Raw footage to aid in the discussion of proper stick positioning for goalies.

This video features a sequence of shots taken from the middle of the slot, circle high (approx 50' separation). The goalie is stationed with a particular bias: the first sequence is a '9 iron', the second sequence is a '3 iron'.

The difference between the two positions is the degree of elevation on the stick, which can dictate rebound control. Shots are deliberately taken down the middle to force stick involvement.

When the puck is in tight a blocking (ie. 9 iron) position is often merited and makes sense. When the puck is shot from the reacting zone, it typically makes sense to have an active (ie. 3 iron) position to deflect pucks to the corners.

Anectdotally, the goalie in this sequence confirmed that in his opinion the 3 iron was easier to control - you can form your own opinion. All missed shots are my responsibilty.

We certify that any editing in this video was simply to speed things up while setting up the drill, collecting pucks or making adjustments. All shots are recorded from ice level for observation and we hope the footage will facilitate a vigorous discussion.

Dave Wells
Performance Goaltending

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