Teaching at West Dean in Chichester - Sept 2011

This vid picks up where the other finshes. This is were I talk about how Copperplate fell by the wayside here in England while Italic rose to the fore. It includes a discussion of the Arts and Crafts Movement and its influence on the rise of Italic.

I look at Spencerian script and the next stage of the evolution of Copperplate script. I also talk about Mike Kecseg's work as an even more modern approach to pointed pen lettering, but there are no examples of this in the talk.

There is a comparision of the same word 'Script, in both Copperplate and Spencerian to show how similar but different they are.

I also show how some of the Spencerian Decorative Flourishing, which gives rise to the Off Hand Flourishing tradition, works as a constructive pattern. There is also a Bird Flourish.

A little discussion of Oblique holders vs straight holders is started, but I get cut off because the camera got tired of listening to me waffle on!

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