***This short film has been accepted to the Edmonton International Film Festival and was chosen out of 650 other short films. We are screening Saturday, October 1st, 2011 at the Garneau (Metro) Theatre.

This is a clip from the 2011 short film "For Them, For You" where our main character encounters one of many images of himself in a dream. They end up helping more than he can ever imagine.

This was filmed with the Canon EOS 60D at 24fps, utilizing a 50mm 0.45m/1.5ft lens and an EFS 18-200mm 0.45m/1.5ft lens. Much like Canon 7D short films, the 60D films in 1080p HD video. Edited in Final Cut Pro. Effects and colour correction done in Adobe After Effects.

Directed, filmed, & edited by Akash Sherman
Starring: Tim Choy

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