This video was filmed in Barcelona in August 2011. It shows the first public testing of the Ant Ballet Machine. Using synthesised pheromones (Z9:16Ald Hexadecanol) and highly invasive Linepthinema humile Argentine ants, a robotic arm lays pheromone powder trails that cause the ants to behave in a different way to their usual foraging. Performances in late 2012 will feature mass colony movement testing, and the first intercontinental ant ballet.

The machine is part of a larger study of paranoia, control systems, insects and architecture.

See the machine:
- Pestival @ ZSL London Zoo, until June 2012
- FutureEverything festival Manchester, 16-19 May 2012
- Pestival, Sao Paolo, late 2012 (with real live ants!)

Music: Remix of "Untitled 13" by Lucky Dragons []

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