Another mm-cc post. mm-cc stands for Morning Music + Coffee Consumption. More info can be had here:

Basically, you invite your friends over in the morning to record some music and ultimately make something out of it.

The players are:
Jeff Numainville - Microkorg
Michael Goggin - Guitar
Charlie Visnic - Bass, Modular Synth
Dantes Rosete - Music Box
Inthia Seabrooks - Music Box
Rene Cardona - Percussion, Harmonica & Monome

The visuals are macro shots of iron filings. The first shoot I just placed them on a small mirror and made them move around by waving a magnet around below the mirror.

The second day I decided to try out something new. I created an electro-magnet out of a 6-inch iron nail and a copper coil. Then I taped the electro-magnet underneath the mirror and hooked it up to my modular synth. It was pretty cool to be controlling the rhythm of the iron filings with LFO's and envelope generators.

For more info on the process check out my blog:

I hope you enjoy the song and the video!

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