Try to remember your childhood. Have you ever had a toy that let you immerse in fantastic worlds? Then, this toy had a big responsibility because it got all our imagination, all our illusion...all our innocence.

But, what happen when the fog invade this world and impede us to see the reality that implies this world of fantasy? What happen when this toy, icon of our childhood, get broken?

We grow up. And, inevitably, we walk toward grey clouds of preoccupations, responsibilities, stress...We become puppets of the society.

In the short film, the puppets are metaphorized by the grey briefcase man. This character means the maturity, and the briefcase is the icon of the work, the lifestyle, the money, etc.

But exists a point between this two ages controlled by the craftsman. This character fix the broken toys. He is the responsible to keep alive our innocence flame.

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