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Hi everyone. This was my guitar performance on Malaysian Television ( TV9 ) in 2011. the footage starts with my own composition "Al-Bahith" ( the Searcher ), which is partly inspired by the British Folk guitarist Davy Graham, who pioneered the DADGAD tuning ( which I use in this piece ) , and it is also inspired a poetry piece called " the Searcher" by Patrick Lyons.
Of course, it's also inspired by my personal journey, searching through the unknown.
This composition was also partly created on the streets, through some of my experience "busking" in England, where I resided for 15 years.

The next piece in the video, was an improvisation with a very talented Malaysian singer, Ali Gecikarana. Rock on Ali!

I should be coming up with more music , both solo and collaborative soon. This style of guitar playing takes a tremendous amount of energy. I have to be careful with especially with the elbow, as some medical practitioners have warned me that it could be harmful.
However, do watch out for this space, as I will have more stuff to share with you all.
For updates, add me on FB: Azren Azimuddin

Peace, love and light :)

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