"You’re not lost. You’ve simply forgotten it doesn’t matter what you’re looking for. All that matters is you’re here. Here because there, wherever you were that held whatever you’re getting away from, wasn’t enough for you or was too much for you. It let you down, or it tied you down, so you had to leave.

You’re not lost. You left aching to get away from something tired. Not thinking through the part about getting into something new. But you found something new. You found this. You found the ground you’re standing on. So you’re not lost. You are not misguided or mislead, not astray or wayward. You are here. With everything or nothing in front of you.

What do you choose?"

Camera: Canon Rebel T2i
Lens: Stock Lens
Mode: 1920 x 1080 - 24 fps
Software: Sony Vegas Pro 10 / Cinestyle
Song: Cocorosie - Japan
Model/Writer: Laura Horton

for beautiful prose written by my beautiful girlfriend.

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