*This is Part 2 of a 2-part music video experience, go here to view Part 1: vimeo.com/19760468

Directed and created by Sinbad Richardson.

'Peripheral Visionaries' is from the Young Galaxy album 'Shapeshifting', Paper Bag Records 2011.

Peripheral Visionaries notes=

synopsis =
In this sequel to We Have Everything, Jennifer finds herself given a second chance to live a fulfilling life. A producer discovers her one night singing in a karaoke bar and gives her the glamorous life she had previously only dreamed of. In the end, she makes the same mistakes as in her previous less than privileged life, having learned nothing at all despite her creator's efforts. Will she ever learn?

process =
The band asked me to create a second animated music video and I suggested making a sequel to We Have Everything off the same album. Peripheral Visionaries picks up where we left off, our main character is stranded on the side of the highway, her bus having broken down. This narrative interprets Peripheral Visionaries as a confession to the attraction of the unholy and a belonging to an ambiguous (nonetheless determined) rebellion against virtue. Our main character was to give in to her superficial ambitions but not without a cost. The line "We a sea, tears from the eyes of god." repeated over and over, is taken as a foregone conclusion.

my bio=
Sinbad Richardson is a Montreal based visual artist working as an animator, designer and video director. He has been directing and writing music videos for Canadian independent musicians since 2006, working with The Dears, Think About Life, Young Galaxy and Plants And Animals. With a background in fine arts and animation his video work often tells witty simple stories with a strong narrative sense and highly imaginative visual style.


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