A new film from Director Michael O'Halloran and Writer Adam Harmer.

CIA Agent Harry Lerner has seen better days. When he is assigned a mission to Cuba to investigate a communist relic from the cold war era, Harry feels it is just the latest indication that he is now less important to the world of international espionage than ever.

Once in Havana, Agent Lerner's opinion of the assignment has not improved. So much in fact, that when the opportunity arises for a night of Latin-flavoured romance, the mission is immediately disregarded. When Harry returns to Langley, however, it becomes all too clear just how important the Cuban mission was to the safety of the free world.

As the ignored events in Cuba threaten to plunge the entire world into war, Harry is far more concerned with the consequences he will face if his superiors learn of his unaccountability in Havana. Now Harry must use every spy trick in the book to save his job, and he's never worked this hard in his life.

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