Friday, February 25, 2011
Mapping and Managing A Scarce Resource in the Middle East
Eilon Adar
Director, Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research,
Professor of Hydrology, Ben Gurion University

Fresh water is necessary to human health, habitation and well being, but it is a scarce resource in much of the world, particularly in the arid lands of the Middle East. Accurate understanding of the sources of water, its dynamics, and the factors that determine its quality is crucial to properly managing this essential resource. This lecture will describe empirical and computational methods that have been developed for measuring groundwater flux in arid basins and for modeling its flow in complex hydrological systems, like the Arava aquifer shared by Jordan and Israel. The use of this information in developing comprehensive water management regimes will be described, with particular reference to arid land water management in the Middle East. Technology for studying and for managing water resources will be described, together with its use in management plans. International cooperation in managing trans-border water resources in the Middle East will also be discussed.

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