Sony Alpha A65-footage by Johnnie Behiri

Music video:
“forever- a while” by Angel of Sona,

There is not much info about the video quality of the new Sony VDSLR cameras which are not out yet (A65/77 NEX-7), so I felt it is time to make the effort and see what the A65 can do to start with. I had the camera for a day and I’m happy to share the footage with the community.

My aim was to test general picture quality and camera usability during “normal” production environment conditions.

Angel of Sona and her producer Ingo were quick to respond to my offer for shooting a no budget “instant” music clip.

The A65 I got was very close to the final production model.
I have no doubt that after lerning the camera inside out, better picture quality can be achieved.

Besides being curios seeing the overall picture quality, I wanted to experiment low light sensitivity, codec strength when color correcting and last but not least see if moiré and aliasing are controlled in an acceptable way.

The 3 Sony lenses I got to work with are all widely available and very affordable.

Disclaimer: I do not work or got paid by Sony for doing this music clip

Gear used:

Camera: Sony Alpha A65
Lenses: Sony 35mm f1.8, Sony 50mm f1.8, Sony 17-105mm f3.5-5.6
Tripod: Sachtler DV 8SB
Fader ND: Light craft
Rig: Vocas
EVF: Cineroid metal
Lights: Cineroid mini LED
Bag: Kata, Bug 203

Editing platform: Adobe Premiere CS2
CC: Cineform "First Light"

Thank you city-beach Vienna for your kind help (

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