Created by The Luminists:
Charles Cohen - audio
Eric Schefter - video
(created 1992)

Slow Blue And Horizontal is a video and audio composition that describes a natural phenomenon using synthetic textures. The music, created entirely with digital and analog synthesis, suggests a pastoral landscape: running water, a setting sun, birds migrating, and the occasional call of crickets in the evening. The video creates a synthetic environment, amplifying the feel of the music without directly representing the images described. The audio synthesizers were directly controlling various video devices, shaping and patterning video feedback images and fading visual elements in and out of the scene. Slow Blue was created in real time on 12-8-1992 and is unedited.

Thanks to: Hank Rudolf, Sherry Miller Hocking and all the ETC folks. Isabelle Sigal, Naval Cassidy, Eric Marano and American Montage.
Produced at the Experimental Television Center which is (was) supported in part by: the New York State Council on the Arts, the Pennsylvania Council for the Arts, the NEA and by private contributions

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